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Wells for Schools: UGANDA

Providing Clean Drinking Water to Schools in Uganda

Wells for Schools: Uganda - Water Well Project

WELLS FOR SCHOOLS is an opportunity for passionate and motivated students to raise awareness and funds for safe water for schools in the Ruhaama County of Uganda.


The goal of the Wells for Schools campaign is to provide safe water for 50 schools in the Ruhaama County of Uganda.

The 20,000 students at these schools rely on swampy water holes, or simply go without water during school hours.

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Uganda Water Wells - Lack of Time LACK OF TIME
Many children spend all day helping their parents fetch water instead of going to school.
Uganda Water Wells - Water Security WATER SECURITY
Your donation funds safe water for a child and her entire family right on the school grounds.
Uganda Water Wells - Chronic Disease CHRONIC DISEASE
Dirty water causes debilitating and deadly diseases like cholera, typhoid, and dysentery.
Uganda Water Wells - Hygiene Education HYGIENE EDUCATION
We equip teachers and administrators to teach hygeine education.


Nearest Water Supply

In order to do this, we hope to engage schools in our community in the global cause of safe water in developing countries.

Sponsoring schools will raise $12,000 - amount it costs to to provide a freshwater well and hygiene training for a school in Uganda.

Participating schools will be equipped with posters, fact sheets, fundraising ideas, and supporting web tools to help them reach their goals.

With your help, clean water will change the lives of 20,000 students and their families during critical years of development.

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If you are a teacher, principal, student, or staff member at a school and think your class or school would be interested in helping a school in need of water, please fill in the form below or call Hands of Hope at (847) 381-7367.

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Wells for Schools - Water Well Fund Raising for Uganda

"The clean water from these wells will be a great blessing to our communities because water is indeed life"

- Janet Museveni
First Lady of Uganda

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