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GIVE a Gift That Transforms Lives...

Purchasing these cards will provide goats, chickens or wells to
help change the lives of impoverished families.

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Hands of Hope OktoberFest

Sunday, September 29

Celebrate the harvest season with an evening of festivities, fun and frivolity.

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The Zambia Initiative

hands of hope...

A Community of Women Helping Women
and Children a World Away

Imagine growing up without access to clean drinking water, indoor plumbing, basic first aid medications and a lack of food that sends you to bed hungry every night.

Children in sub-Saharan Africa face these conditions on a daily basis. Countries like Zambia, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda lack adequate resources and infrastructure to ensure their citizens are healthy and educated. More than 40% of women in Africa do not have access to basic education and 1 in 16 women will die during pregnancy or childbirth.

Our mission….

Hands of Hope is a community of women committed to helping women and children break free of lives of destitution and hunger to build futures of security and possibility. Our mission is to give
entire communities the sustainable tools they need to feed families, educate children, improve health and become economically self-sufficient.

Hands of Hope partners with local leaders to develop a comprehensive plan to eradicate the devastating conditions associated with extreme poverty. A nearby source of clean water will free
women and children from daylong treks for fresh water; a brick making machine allows fathers to provide building blocks for a new school; a loan portfolio to help local people build businesses,
generates stable income for their families.

More hands, more hope…..

You can help Hands of Hope further their mission. Become a member of the Wildflower Society. Share the gift of chickens and goats with friends and family by purchasing cards that will provide food and income for a family. Volunteer your time with Hands of Hope at the Annual Barrington Garden Fair and Marketplace. Join our growing community in the Chicago area providing sustainable hope and help to the women and children of Africa. Together, we are making a difference!