COVID-19 and Hunger in Zambia: A Crisis Within a Crisis

Food is currently scarce for some of the poorest people in the rural Zambian villages where Hands of Hope is working. Their harvest is set to be ready in April but between now and April people are struggling. These people are extremely vulnerable to COVID because the lack of food compromises their immune systems. 

Hands of Hope is raising funds to feed 1000 families for 2 months to get at-risk families through this critical period. 

A 55 lb. bag of maize (Africa’s most important cereal crop) will sustain a family of four for one month and costs $7 USD. 

Please consider donating $70 today to support 5 families through April. 

Your donation of any size will help feed and sustain families in Africa who are now experiencing the second wave of the COVID-19 virus. We are grateful for your help!

About Hands of Hope: 

A Barrington grassroots charitable organization, Hands of Hope has been working to combat poverty in rural areas of Zambia for over ten years through delivering sustainable projects that address economic development, education, clean water, and healthcare. With very little food security and fragile, low-capacity health systems, poor villages in Zambia are particularly susceptible to the consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Your greatly appreciated donation will help us to continue the important work of assisting the most at-risk people with food, supplies, clean water, soap, and medical assistance.

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