Food Scarcity in Zambia: A Crisis within a Crisis

Food is currently scarce for some of the poorest people in the rural Zambian villages where Hands of Hope is working. Most rural farm families do not have the ability to produce enough food to sustain their families. This time of year is especially challenging because of increasingly hot temperatures and lack of rain. The war in Ukraine has exacerbated this difficult situation causing fertilizer shortages and a shortage of maize, the mainstay of the Zambian diet.

Hands of Hope is raising funds to feed 500 of the most at-risk families with maize for the next 3 months.

A 55 lb. bag of maize (Africa’s most important cereal crop) will sustain a family of four for one month and costs $15 USD now more than twice the $7 cost in 2021.

Please consider donating $45 today to help feed a family for 3 months.

Your donation of any size will help feed and sustain families in Africa who are now experiencing food insecurity due to global financial and political issues. We are grateful for your help!