Hands of Hope Changemakers

Changemakers...Uprooting Poverty One Member at a Time

People living in extreme poverty face many complex challenges just to stay alive.

In times of drought, there are no food reserves, adults and children go out foraging for food that many times makes them sick; when health is compromised clinics are often long distances away making it nearly impossible to get much-needed help; children and women spend several hours a day walking to fetch water from polluted sources that keep families perpetually ill; without proper healthcare, young mothers die in childbirth, leaving infants to older relatives who are already stretched for resources and do not have the means to care for the babies.

Children in crisis often fall asleep crying because they haven’t had a meal in days. People living crisis need help….this is where you come in and even a small donation can make a huge difference in someone’s life:

Join the Team and Make a Difference!

Be a Friend

$10 per month

Everyone needs a trustworthy friend who truly cares.

Be an Advocate

$25 per month

Everyone needs an advocate who speaks out and pleads their cause when they are vulnerable.

Be a Defender

$50 per month

Everyone needs a defender, who can calm their fears, who will guard them from the harsh assaults of living a life in poverty.

Be a Champion

$100 per month

Everyone needs an untiring champion, a winner who will stand with them and for them in times of need.

Our Mission

Is to join together in community and pool resources to make an immediate impact in the lives of vulnerable people who are facing critical needs.

The HOH Changemaker Team will receive an annual newsletter identifying the needs and impact made on deserving lives. 100% of all donations will go directly to help those in need…for real!