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Agriculture, Education, Health Care, Clean Water, and Much More

Education for the children in Africa

Health Care

Economic Development


Hands of Hope helps mobilize communities to respond to the needs of women and children around the world. With an ever-expanding support base in the Chicago area, Hands of Hope works to raise community awareness regarding poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa and its relevance globally. We are confident in the integrity of the channels we have established so that contributions provide the highest possible impact for the most critical needs.

Current Projects

Holistic Resources to Mongu in the Western Province of Zambia


  • Training, technical assistance and resource development in production and post harvest management for over 1000 rural farm families
  • Development of agricultural business services to create markets for farmer crops
  • Access to credit and financial services to minimize risk and maximize return for farmers


Limulunga Community School
  • Funding a school building – 600 children receive an otherwise unattainable education in this poverty-stricken rural community
  • Providing school uniforms, books, supplies and equipment
  • Funding a “children in crisis” project for critical needs of students
  • Providing desks for 600 children


  • Digging wells for communities and developing irrigation systems for farm families

Health Care

  • Provide a medical clinic to meet the needs of surrounding villages

Completed and Ongoing Projects

Southern Sudan, Uganda, Congo, Rwanda, Zambia, Nigeria


  • Emergency Refugee Support
    Southern Sudan

    Agricultural tools and seeds for 350 families returning from war

  • Goat and Chicken Projects -
    Southern Sudan, Uganda, Zambia

    Providing goats and chickens to an expanding network of over 2000 poor rural families


  • Education and Vocational Training Center for AIDS Orphans - Uganda
    Working directly with First Lady Janet Museveni, we helped fund an educational complex that serves 400 children with secondary education and vocational training

  • School for Blind Children - Zambia
    Provided funding for clothing, bedding, first aid kits, musical instruments and transportation for Sefula School for the Blind which cares for 200 children with urgent needs


  • Microfinance Loans
    Congo, Rwanda, Uganda

    Provided women seed money to establish or expand viable businesses and provide sustainable income with affordable financing that changes the future of families and transforms poverty-stricken communities

Health Care

  • Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF) Hostel and Vocational Training Center – Nigeria
    50 bed hospital wing and rehab center serving over 2500 women suffering from horrendous gynecological problems as a result of early childhood marriages and subsequent pregnancies

  • Emergency Assistance
    Southern Sudan

    Medical assistance, mosquito nets, clothing and water containers for over 200 families returning home to rebuild their lives after 21 years of war