Educational Programs in African Communities

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Education is Essential to Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Africa

The only effective means of breaking the cycle of poverty is through education.  Yet, one out of 4 children living in rural areas of Zambia have little chance of ever setting foot in a classroom because for many, the closest schools are over 4 miles away from their homes.  Establishing local community schools that increase educational opportunities for disadvantaged children is a priority for Hands of Hope and key to unleashing the dreams of a better future in the lives of Zambian children.

Improving Access to Education

Every Child Deserves A Chance to Learn.

Education empowers youth to make better decisions.  Educated people can obtain better paying jobs, seek higher education, and pursue the life they want to lead instead of marrying young, becoming pregnant teenagers and continuing the cycle of poverty.

Research shows that educated children are physically healthier, and as adults they go on to have healthier children. Education doesn’t just benefit the students, it benefits their families and everyone around them.   Educated children can develop into leaders that are capable of tackling difficult issues that can change the future of their communities and nation.

Teaching in Africa

Our Approach to Providing Education to African Children

Hands of Hope aims to establish community schools that are within safe walking distance for children living in remote areas.     Targeting vulnerable and marginalized children and working with the Zambian Ministry of Education, we finance, develop, construct and sustain schools that are capable of taking on the educational needs of rural communities.   We work to give thousands of disadvantaged children the opportunity to realize their potential.  

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

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How You Can Help

Hands of Hope relies completely on our volunteers and donations.  For 20 years we have honed in on the best ways to serve vulnerable people, ensuring that your donation will make the highest possible impact.  When you donate to Hands of Hope, you’re helping to transform lives in a practical and sustainable way.

Make a Difference

A donation of $50 buys a complete set of books for a child.

Your donations are greatly appreciated!

Hands of Hope is a 100%-volunteer, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Your donation is sure to make an impact.