Healthcare Programs in Africa

Bringing Wellness and Healthcare to African Villages

Good Health is a Way Out of Poverty

Did you know that millions of Sub-Saharan Africans face severe challenges in accessing essential healthcare?  With the concentration of poverty, low health status and high burden of disease in rural areas, there is a need to focus on improving the health of people in rural areas of Africa.

A severe shortage of health clinics makes it difficult for people, especially mothers and children, to gain access to primary care.  Without a local health clinic, premature deaths occur from preventable diseases such as malaria, pneumonia, or complications from childbirth. If people who are living rural communities in Africa are seriously ill or injured, they need a health system nearby to meet their needs and save their lives. 

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Hands of Hope is committed to providing health clinics that will provide prenatal and postnatal care for mothers and babies, necessary vaccinations and other essential healthcare elements to the hardest to reach rural communities.

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Professional healthcare workers equip local communities with methods for healthy living.  This empowers people to make decisions that protect the health of their families, prevent sickness, and the spread of disease.

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When healthcare workers become part of the community, they better understand the needs of the community and can provide better care.   Hands of Hope provides a home near the clinic for professional healthcare workers.  

Our Approach to Healthcare

Healthcare clinics are not evenly distributed throughout the population of rural Africa.  In the Western Province of Zambia, where we do much of our work, there is a huge shortage of health centers.   The added burden of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa makes healthcare a critical concern.

Our goal is to fund the construction of healthcare clinics in the communities where we are working.  Through a partnership with the Zambian Department of Health, healthcare professionals staff these clinics and provide healthcare programs that are able to address the unique needs of the communities they serve. These programs  include prenatal and postnatal care to improve the survival rates of mothers and babies, vaccinations to prevent the spread of dangerous illness, and treatment and prevention programs for HIV/AIDS and much more. 

African Mother and Child Immunization

"For he who has health has hope and he who has hope, has everything."

How You Can Help

Hands of Hope relies completely on our volunteers and donations.  For 20 years we have honed in on the best ways to serve vulnerable people, ensuring that your donation will make the highest possible impact.  When you donate to Hands of Hope, you’re helping to transform lives in a practical and sustainable way.

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