Water Projects in Africa

Water Projects in Africa Are Essential to Break the Poverty Cycle

Everything Begins with Water...

Clean drinking water is essential for life, and yet over 600 million people worldwide lack access to safe water.  The lack of access to clean drinking water is one of the greatest causes of poverty….  there is little chance of breaking out of the cycle of poverty without clean water. 

How a Lack of Water Cripples African Communities

Imagine not being able to drink a clean glass of water, brush your teeth, wash your hands, take a shower, or water your garden.  Needless to say, your health, hygiene, and quality of life would suffer greatly.

Each day in developing countries, women and children spend several hours walking long distances to fetch water that is not safe to drink.  By spending so much time collecting water, people are sacrificing their ability to work or attend school…. and they still don’t have safe or plentiful water.

Water safety is an enormous problem.  Contaminated water can spread dangerous illnesses such as typhoid, cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, and more.  Waterborne illness seriously affects work productivity for adults.  It impacts the physical and cognitive development of children, and often causes them to miss school due to illness.  Sick adults cannot work, and sick children cannot learn effectively.  In the worst cases, waterborne illness can cause death especially in babies and young children.

Lack of water causes communities to suffer from the ground up. It impacts health, wellbeing, education, and the economy.  Clean drinking water is the first step in fighting extreme poverty.

African Child Carrying Water 2

Our Approach to Making Water Accessible in Africa

Hands of Hope provides clean drinking water by digging sustainable wells in impoverished communities. 

Clean drinking water saves lives, dramatically improves health, and makes a positive economic and educational impact on the entire community.  With ready access to clean water, instead of walking long distances to sustain life, there is time for work, school, family and play.

When entering a new community in Africa, we often start working with the people by providing a well or “borehole”.  Villagers are hydrated.  Illness is greatly reduced because people drink clean water and can practice better hygiene.  Families use the community borehole for cooking and cleaning.  Farming improves because water is available for crops.

How You Can Help

Hands of Hope relies completely on our volunteers and donations.  For 20 years we have honed in on the best ways to serve vulnerable people, ensuring that your donation will make the highest possible impact.  When you donate to Hands of Hope, you’re helping to transform lives in a practical and sustainable way.

Make a Difference - Donate Towards a Well

A well only costs $1,500 to implement and your donations are greatly appreciated!

Hands of Hope is a 100%-volunteer, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Your donation is sure to make an impact.