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Zambia Field Report

A report from Mongu, Zambia

By Sarah Wauterlek

Hands of Hope - Zambia Field Report

Our bodies jolted every which way as the dusty SUV made its way down a makeshift path to a remote village in Mongu. We were on our way to visit a family who had benefited from Hands of Hope’s chicken project.

As we reached the group of huts at the end of the sandy trail, we were greeted warmly with smiles of appreciation from a large family. I was immediately struck by the look on their faces. It was different than the smiles I was greeted with last time I was in Africa and it made me wonder. What was so different this time?

Then it hit me. It was dignity. This family, maybe for the first time in their lives, had a future to be excited and proud about. They were given a means to survive and to prosper. They were given a gift that they are now able to sustain on their own. They were given hope, and it is hope that helps us all to live.

I smiled as I hopped down from the truck. My dirty feet sunk into the inches of sand below and I walked over to the Zambian family that so warmly greeted us.

They took us to their chicken coop and with great excitement in their voices, we were told all about how their lives have been improved because of these chickens. Many eggs were sold daily and because of this, because of the chickens, they were surviving on their own. To survive on their own and to be able to help their neighbors had given them such great pride.

I couldn’t help but be impressed with the great care that they took with their chicken coop. It so clearly demonstrated just how priceless it was to them. It was their treasure and seeing the look of dignity on their faces is now mine to share with you. Thank you for giving the gift of dignity, hope, and pride.